Commit 50734a87 authored by Zhenzhen Zhan's avatar Zhenzhen Zhan
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PoS test description more specific

parent e58953a5
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ var dataRawBlockBinary = fs.readFileSync('test/data/blk2335001-livenet.dat', 'bi
var dataRawId = '4e8753f37b413d19e09c9a2116985cc5f7afda2e8add960510445a7c11e9a814';
var data = require('../data/blk2335001-livenet');
describe('BlockHeader', function() {
describe('BlockHeader (PoS)', function() {
var version = data.version;
var prevblockidbuf = new Buffer(data.prevblockidhex, 'hex');
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