Commit 9b1855d1 authored by Artem B's avatar Artem B

miner edit of the nftoken balanceof help message

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......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ Arguments:
Display balance of "CRWS78Yf5kbWAyfcES6RfiTVzP87csPNhZzc" address
+ HelpExampleCli("nftoken", R"(balanceof "CRWS78Yf5kbWAyfcES6RfiTVzP87csPNhZzc" within global protocol context)")
+ HelpExampleCli("nftoken", R"(balanceof "CRWS78Yf5kbWAyfcES6RfiTVzP87csPNhZzc")")
+ R"(Display balance of "CRWS78Yf5kbWAyfcES6RfiTVzP87csPNhZzc" address within the "doc" protocol context
+ HelpExampleRpc("nftoken", R"(balanceof "CRWS78Yf5kbWAyfcES6RfiTVzP87csPNhZzc" "doc")");
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