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V0.13.4 release notes

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# Crown Platform 0.13.0
# Crown Platform 0.13.4
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# Crown v0.13.4 Release Notes
Crown Core v0.13.4 is a minor release and a recommended upgrade.
It is available for download from:
Please report bugs through the Help, Guides and Support board at the
Crown forum
## How to upgrade
The basic procedure is to shutdown your existing version, replace the
executable with the new version, and restart. This is true for both wallets
and masternodes/systemnodes. The exact procedure depends on how you setup
the wallet and/or node in the first place. If you use a managed hosting
service for your node(s) it is probable they will upgrade them for you,
but you will need to upgrade your wallet. There is no protocol version
change in this release so if your MN/SN is updated quickly enough it will
remain active and you won't need to isue a start-alias for it.
## What's new
v0.13.4 features 5 main changes over the previous v0.13.2.0 version:
* sync problem fixed
* immature MN/SN rewards and staking rewards show as immature in the
wallet overview
* address labels from before v0.13 display correctly
* reduced memory usage
* enhancements to the installation script and the watchdog script is
now part of the release
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Crown Core v0.13.0 is a major release and a mandatory upgrade.
It is available for download from:
Please report bugs using the issue tracker at Gitlab:
## How to upgrade
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can stake is 500 coins and those coins must be locked as the collateral for a
The system is described in more detail in [](
The system is described in more detail in [](
### The switchover
The switchover from PoW to PoS will take place at block height 2330000, approximately
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