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failed build-docker-image #1083


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build-docker-image Build There has been a runner system failure, please try again
2018-04-19T14:57:51.248186609Z mount: permission denied (are you root?)
2018-04-19T14:57:51.248217521Z Could not mount /sys/kernel/security.
2018-04-19T14:57:51.248222613Z AppArmor detection and --privileged mode might break.


Pulling docker image docker:latest ...
Using docker image sha256:41e946672182197f856cfbf3b1d536dc0a561eef8bceccb4828e28d0d194d772 for docker:latest ...
ERROR: Job failed (system failure): Error response from daemon: Cannot link to a non running container: /runner-f3154527-project-17-concurrent-0-docker-0 AS /runner-f3154527-project-17-concurrent-0-predefined-0/docker