Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Importance: 2
  • Importance: 3
  • Importance: 4
  • Importance: 5
  • Importance: 6
  • Importance: 7
  • Importance: 8
  • Importance: 9
  • invalid
    Crown / bitcore-lib-crown
  • Other: Upstream
    This issue should be fixed/implemented in the upstream repository
  • question
    Crown / bitcore-lib-crown
  • Severity: Critical
    The defect affects critical functionality or critical data. It does not have a workaround. Example: Unsuccessful installation, complete failure of a feature.
  • Severity: Major
    The defect affects major functionality or major data. It has a workaround but is not obvious and is difficult. Example: A feature is not functional from one module but the task is doable if 10 complicated indirect steps are followed in another module/s.
  • Severity: Minor
    The defect affects minor functionality or non-critical data. It has an easy workaround. Example: A minor feature that is not functional in one module but the same task is easily doable from another module.
  • Severity: Trivial
    The defect does not affect functionality or data. It does not even need a workaround. It does not impact productivity or efficiency. It is merely an inconvenience. Example: Petty layout discrepancies, spelling/grammatical errors.
  • Status: Cannot-Reproduce
    The defect cannot be reproduced.
  • Status: Code-Review
    The issue is under peer code review.
  • Status: Discussion
    The issue is being discussed by the team/community
  • Status: Info-Needed
    Additional information needed to proceed with the issue
  • Status: In-Progress
    The issue is in development.